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  • Jamie Scott

    Jamie Scott

  • Federico Bertola

    Federico Bertola

  • Gouled Abdikadir

    Gouled Abdikadir

  • Conor Feely

    Conor Feely

    Dad, Creative strategist, designer, camera geek + incurable motorhead.

  • Nick Vyhouski

    Nick Vyhouski

  • Amer J

    Amer J

  • Michael Brenner

    Michael Brenner

    Head of Design at DATA4CHANGE. A design-focused non-profit with a network of data, journalism, tech and design professionals dedicated to forging real change.

  • JD Solomon

    JD Solomon

    From adventures on the water to the meaning of life, I am writing about things that move me. Author of “Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand”.

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